WoW TBC Gold Farming Tips for Rogues

The Rogue has some great uses when it comes to earning extra TBC gold.

No matter what approach you are taking to World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, you are going to need to focus on getting WoW TBC gold. By farming gold, you are giving yourself a boost in a number of different aspects. You’ll be able to progress through WoW TBC power leveling earlier, and become one step closer to getting that coveted mount that you’ve been pining over. For those playing as the Rogue, we’re going to be looking into some of the best ways to farm gold.

Farming Through Gathering

Gathering seems like a natural method that you should use to get TBC Classic gold. One such aspect of this is Primal Elements. These are used for several vital crafts like TBC Classic items for your professions, and much more. They can be sold to help you make more gold, though it will be an investment on your part.

There are a few different places for you to get Primal Elements. If you want to farm Primal Fires, then head to Shadowmoon Valley. You could also try Blade’s Edge or Elemental Plateau, with the last location being good for Primal Airs too. Players looking for enchants for Agility should pay special close attention to Primal Airs for the best results.

For those who have another Rogue to duo up with, the Steamvault Dungeon is a useful place to be. This is found in Coilfang Reservoir and you’ll be able to loot the chests with your fellow Rogue. They will contain items that you can sell on to make a good profit.

Best Professions for Farming

Besides helping you with the likes of The Burning Crusade power leveling, professions are also a great resource for making WoW TBC gold. For example, Jewelcrafting can be used to craft and sell on gems that will bring in a lot of profit. The popularity of Transmutation cooldowns also, makes Alchemy a good option.

Meanwhile, Engineering is handy for farming when you’re thinking of the farming locations that are around. If you’re having a hard time with bots and such that are in these locations, then a focus on Leatherworking and gas cloud farming will be extremely beneficial. The Mote Extraction that you get from gas clouds is a money maker in itself, as they’re required for engineers that have the Zapthrolle Mote Extractor on their person.

Using the Auction House

There is always the option of using the Auction House if you want to farm TBC Classic gold. Using the art of flipping items, you can stand to make an exceptional amount of gold if you’re willing to dedicate the time to it. This isn’t just for Rogues either, as anyone can go ahead and use the Auction House to their advantage.

This technique involves buying items at a lower price at the weekend ready for the raid reset the following week. Buying items at a lower price to be sold for higher prices to players needing the items for the upcoming raids will be more than effective. This is a handy method of getting additional WoW TBC gold for your character. It does take time and dedication, and there’s a way for you to delve deeper as well.

The Auction House can be thought of as a kind of stock market too. Those who have the time to dedicate to playing the Auction House could try buying the cheapest items available, even if they are not in demand. You could then essentially hold onto these items until they are popular amongst players once again, and sell them on at inflated prices. It does need to be stressed that this method is a slow-burner, and it might be a long while before you see a return on your investment.


The motivation to get through questing ties into the journey of reaching level 70. The reason for this is that once you do reach this level, you will then see your experience gains being switched to WoW TBC gold instead. Quests are a decent resource to make extra gold from, even if it is only a short amount in some instances.

On the Isle of Quel’danas, there’s a choice of 19 daily quests for you to do. As well as reputation being earned, you will make up to 12 gold in these quests, with a total of roughly 150 gold if you are able to finish everyone. There are daily heroic quests as well where you can make 25 gold for every quest.

These farming methods should provide you with the TBC gold you need. However, there is always the option to buy TBC gold from a third-party source. Some players even consider going to buy WoW TBC account to get to where they want to be.

Have you tried out TBC gold farming in Burning Crusade? Let us know in the comments section below!

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