WoW Classic – How to Quickly Reach Level 60

Getting to level 60 can be a long slog, but you can reach it a bit quicker with these methods.

Getting to level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic is no easy task. A lot of factors come into play that can prevent you from rising through the levels at a pace that you wish for. If you are going to level up as quickly as possible, then there are ways in which you can go about it.


If you can find a friend or two, then grinding through levels can be a very viable tactic. It does have a level of tediousness attached to it, but having a small group makes it much easier to cope with. You might not want to use this to get you all the way up to level 60, but it can certainly help you to get started on the road to it.

For this tactic, all you really need to do is find mobs in quest zones and stack taking them out with your friends. It can be a lot more fun when doing it with friends as opposed to alone, but it’s still something that you will not want to carve out to the later levels.


This is what will be playing the most prominent role in your power leveling. Questing doesn’t necessarily offer that much XP, but they’re far more beneficial than just killing mobs all the time. That said, you won’t have access to just any quest. The zones that make up the game revolve around the player level that you are at. With that in mind, you will have to go to the zone that is catering to your level.

If you are going to make questing your primary focus, then it does have to be said that you should do them solo to get the most benefits out of it. This might be lonelier than other ways of leveling your character, but you do want to take advantage of being able to keep the loot you find for yourself.

Acquire First Aid

This is pivotal to your survival. You can get fabrics from most enemies in the game, which you can then make into the likes of bandages. These can be an affordable and useful WoW Classic items to help heal you when you need them most. You can use them quickly as well, which more than makes up for them not being quite as effective as food and such. This doesn’t affect your limit of two professions either, so it is certainly worth doing. You can find trainers in the cities, and its vital if you are playing as classes that rely on sustaining themselves more.

Crafting and Gathering

If and when you do decide to invest your time with professions, then you should consider opting for crafting, as well as gathering. These can be great for making WoW Classic gold, and even WoW Classic bags to store your items in. As you are power leveling, you will also need certain weapons and armour, which these skills do well in.

There are a number of ways you can gather necessary resources, such as skinning animals or finding herb and mining nodes on your map. These present a great way to grab some valuable items to take with you on your adventures. Keep on top of grabbing such items, and you will soon be on the way to not only becoming richer, but also progressing through those essential skills.

Best Places to Log Out

This issomething that is often overlooked by many players, but where you log out does actually make a difference. In both cities and inns, you have a place where you can get a bit of rest from the treacherous surroundings that you face. Whilst they may look simplistic on the surface, they are in fact easy ways for you to gain experience.

If you log out at a city or an inn, you will be able to get rested XP whilst you are away from the game. This doubles the monster killing experience you receive, which gives you a decent bonus of experience by simply logging out in the right place.

All of these are viable tactics for you to go through your levels as quickly as possible in WoW Classic. You do stand to make some decent WoW Classic gold throughout these methods, but more importantly, they are handy for getting your levels up at any stage on your journey to 60. It will still take a while for you to get to where you want to be, but at least you now have a quicker set of ways to do so.

Have you managed to use any of these methods in WoW Classic on how to quickly reach level 60? Let us know in the comments section below!