Why Should Your Business Transfer Employee Management to the Cloud?

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, over 100 zettabytes (a trillion gigabytes) of data will be kept in the cloud by 2025, which means over half of all data in the world will be kept in the cloud. This number shocks beyond belief, but at the same time, it shows how popular cloud solutions are. Indeed, you can transfer almost all processes to the cloud.

However, let’s find out why employee management needs the cloud, and what cloud solutions can help ensure effective HR management in a remote working environment.

New Era of Employee Management

Covid-19 has changed habitual processes and has become an impetus to move online, laying a solid foundation for the remote and hybrid work models. Although work-from-home has been here for two years, not all companies have adopted this model. And it’s their loss. Gartner reports that 64% more employees become interested in the vacancy that implies working from home or provides flexible hours. According to another survey by FlexJobs, 58% of employees are ready to leave a job if their employer offers no opportunities for remote work. 

We can say for sure that working from home is more than just one of the working models. In a post-pandemic reality, work from home is a necessity for those interested in retaining and attracting new talents. Moreover, it helps significantly boost productivity and raise other performance indicators. At the same time, the new normal poses a number of challenges for effective remote employee management. Let’s find out what they are and how they can be met and overcome. 

Should Your Business Transfer Employee

Managing a Remote Team: Challenges

Poor communication

The magic of live communication in the office disappears when employees work remotely. Some work issues can be resolved more quickly in person. In virtual communication, there are always doubts concerning whether colleagues are free and can devote time to your message or task. All this results in ineffective communication and delays.

Lover productivity

For many people, the shift to the “work from home” model has led to procrastination aggravation and decreased productivity since not everyone has time management skills. The disappearance of office rituals that helped people “turn on,” like having a cup of coffee before working with co-workers, has made it harder to transition into work mode.


In a new reality, it has become more challenging to build a work-life schedule and maintain work efficiency 一 much depends on self-organization and self-discipline skills. Moreover, there are no clear boundaries between work and personal life when working from home, and many employees work extra hours. Constantly thinking about tasks can lead to stress and even burnout.

Lack of motivation

Isolated work contributes to a decrease in the sense of responsibility for overall results and lowers the level of motivation. In the long run, all this, if not prevented, makes the employee think about changing jobs.

No adherence to the corporate culture

Employees hired after the outbreak of Covid-19 were unlikely to be onboarded and involved in the corporate culture. However, this is an essential step for a newcomer, which helps build strong ties with the company, understand its goals and principles, and work productively towards achieving common goals.

Managing a Remote Team: Solutions

If your company decided to go remote, you have probably faced at least one of these challenges. We bring to your attention three popular cloud solutions that will help address these issues and provide effective remote employee management.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based modular solution for human capital management. SAP SuccessFactors includes all the necessary tools and innovative technologies for the search and interaction of personnel and offers the best HR practices to create a positive experience for all employees. Among its other helpful functions are the following:

  • Employee experience management
  • Optimization of core HR processes and payroll
  • Talent management
  • HR analytics 
  • A single source of reliable data on all operations
  • Integration of all HR processes

Oracle HCM Cloud

This is a solution for employee sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding. Oracle HCM Cloud helps businesses automate HR processes for global payroll, diversity, and employee management, boost performance with the help of analytics and increase engagement through various work-life opportunities. The solution also enables employers to: 

  • Efficiently manage a global workforce
  • Attract the best talents 
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Align business strategy, reduce compliance risk
  • Provide employees with valuable insights which help them make quick decisions.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud-based employee management software that can benefit HRM and recruiting and learning professionals. Cornerstone OnDemand enables you to automate key employee processes and better plan human resources in a remote work environment. 

The software also provides deeper insights that allow businesses to choose talent more wisely. In 2015, the solution was upgraded with the predictive analytics suite that enables recruiters to identify which employees are more likely to fail compliance with corporate regulations and help choose the best candidates for open vacancies.

Ready-made cloud solutions for remote personnel management will help solve many of the problems that companies are currently facing. However, it is essential to hire a trusted technology partner to get the maximum benefit.