What are the best free alternatives of the Copyscape?

Your brand use content to demonstrate its expertise in a particular domain. Consumers want to know that they are working with industry professionals who understand the correct and successful business processes. This is another reason why content marketing is crucial. Content marketing does not only helps your company to display its expertise in the area. Instead, it also offers essential information that assists customers in making more informed buying choices. Content marketing enables your company to exhibit its competence in a particular sector. 

Content marketing is used to engage and nurture a specific target group with the ultimate objective of establishing genuine customer interaction. You should use content marketing to try to recalibrate your customers’ attitudes regarding your business. Looking at the importance of content marketing, you must have understood that content is a cornerstone for your company’s growth. It should be exclusive and unique without any forged or replicated information or data in it. 

Your content should be plagiarism-free. It should be valuable and informative. There are different forms of useful content: podcasts, recordings, downloadable guides, videos, infographics and the most important blog posts or articles. All of these forms need to be unique. If any of your content will be caught plagiarizing, you may have to face repercussions for it. 

You should be mindful of checking and avoiding plagiarism. There are many ways to prevent plagiarism in your content like paraphrasing, citation, include quotations, adding your ideas and, most essential, plagiarism checkers. There are different plagiarism checkers online; let’s discuss Copyscape first. 

Copyscape plagiarism checker:

Copyscape has an amazing technology to identify copied or plagiarized content anywhere on the internet. It does work remarkably fast. It gives you an option to enter the page’s address on the site, and Copyscape starts its work. Copyscape finds out even a little copied material present in your article and highlight it. 

There are two versions of Copyscape, the free and the premium, asking you to pay for additional features. The free version allows you to add URLs of the text you want to verify. The premium edition adds even more functionality by allowing you to batch link and copy and paste in the search field. The most user-friendly features are in the premium version. 

As we all know, Copyscape is not entirely free; therefore, you may check for plagiarism online using other tools.

Alternatives of the Copyscape: 

  1. Prepostseo plagiarism checker: 

Image 1

It is a straightforward tool. It gives you accurate results. This tool has many other valuable features that can help you in content creation. Most importantly, this is entirely free. You don’t need to pay extraordinary charges to get benefit from this tool; you need to do the following steps:

Open up a browser, type Prepostseo plagiarism checker, press enter, and then open its website to get the page shown in image 1. Enter the text through copy/paste, or you can even upload any file from PC, Google Drive or Cloud. Select your required language and click “Check Plagiarism”. 

After entering text, the page will look like as shown in image 2. After processing, the tool will give you percentages and provide you with options like downloading plagiarism reports, removing plagiarism, and checking grammar. 

Free Online Plagiarism Checker shows you the sources to see from where the copied content has been taken from. You can check all these options in image 3.

Image 2

Image 3

  1. Editpad.org plagiarism checker:

This tool is also one of the best tools present online. This Plagiarism Checker is also free of cost as well as provides you with accurate outcomes. This site has many other tools like a summarizer, paraphraser, and grammar checker and so on. You can use these all to make your content unique and attractive. It processes your text with precision and gives you exact results in seconds. 

Image 4

It is super easy to use. Open its site and enter text by copy/paste or upload from your system. Choose language and click “Check Plagiarism”. It will start processing.  

Image 5

This image shows you the result of Editpad.org. You have sources that you can check. 

  1. Check-plagiarism plagiarism detector:

Image 6

Check-plagiarism duplicate checker is a tool with validity. This tool is free of cost.  It is user-friendly and gives exact results. You can select a file from your system to upload or can copy/paste text from anywhere to check. After entering text, click “Check Plagiarism“.

Image 7

You can see the result of this tool in image 7. It gives you an option to generate a plagiarism report, make it unique, and it also gives you sources from where the plagiarized content has been taken. 

  1. Grammarly plagiarism checker:

 Grammarly is well characterized by its ability to assist you in improving your writing skills. You can check the correctness, delivery, engagement and clarity of your writing. However, one feature of Grammarly that makes it particularly valuable is its ability to examine whatever plagiarized material you may be using. This tool is less expensive and provides excellent results. 

Image 8

This tool is also easy to use. You can copy/paste the text or can upload a file from your system. Click the icon of Plagiarism present at the bottom right of the page. You can check-in image 8.

Image 9

Results will be like shown in image 8.

Grammarly allows you to check billions of websites simultaneously. This tool’s user-friendly interface is functional when you need to guarantee that your work appears decent and that you aren’t producing anything similar.

  1. SmallSEOtools plagiarism checker: 

The Small SEO Tools website focuses on creating various solutions to assist you in reviewing your SEO duties. Small SEO Tools plagiarism checker will serve you free of cost. It should consider how effectively the configuration works, mainly because you may check specific URLs and documents of various types. 

Image 10

This tool is super easy to use. Either copy/paste the text or upload a file from Google Drive or Cloud. This tool supports many file formats that you can check. After entering the text, click the “Check Plagiarism” button. After processing, the tool will provide you with results. You can see the result in image 11. 

Image 11

This tool gives you options like rewrite plagiarized content, rephrase it, share a report, download a report and start a new search. What else you need while checking for plagiarism.

  1. Plagiarism checker: 

This Plagiarism Checker tool seems pretty straightforward; however, there is nothing excessively simple about what the website has to offer. 

Image 12

The site does an excellent job of evaluating your files, but one advantage is that it will look at your PDFs. Plagiarism Checker’s digital recognition program can examine your PDF even if it isn’t perfect. 

You can upload a file from PC or Dropbox, or else you can copy/paste the text. Then go for “Check Plagiarism”. The tool will start its processing and give you the final result, as shown in image 13.

Image 13

You can see the sections of plagiarized and unique content. You can even check grammar after checking plagiarism. You can use any of these above mentioned tools to check plagiarism in your content for free or at very low price.