Ways for Better Productivity during Work-from-Home

Working from home is something we all have eased into by now. Some people hate it some like it. Whichever ballpark you might be in, there certainly ways you can maximize your productivity while you work from the comfort of your home.

During this pandemic, working from home has become a constant but there are things we do not really think of until it is too late. Not going to the office disconnects us from getting involved with people directly and of course our physical activities have gone down significantly. Okay maybe only mine has, but you get the point. Staying at home all day does not help you get enough physical activity. Walking and running has its own charm honestly.

So, let us get into things that increase your productivity while you work from home.

 Ways for Better Productivity during Work-from-Home

  1. Schedule your day: Scheduling your day into work hours, breaks and doing your house chores is the best way to make the most out of your day. Adhering to a similar routine maintains your integrity at work and also allows you to keep the coolness of working from home going.
  2. Get ready: Do not just hop off your bed and get to work. Get ready like you would on a normal working day. This gives you the mind set you need to get into full working mode.
  3. Stay connected: Staying connected is one of the prime issues related to working from home. It is good to be immersed in your work, but it is also important to talk to your peers, ask questions and participate in a little chit-chat.
  4. Include physical activity: Physical activity is crucial for stability in life. Most people I know were complaining about back aches and such from not getting enough movement. It is essential to get enough physical activity during the day. Without it you get constant back aches from sitting down all day. If you are plagued by these aches, we suggest you look into, BetterBack. You can use this to correct posture and even help with aches you might be working against.
  5. Take enough breaks: Taking breaks is not a bad thing, but you should understand where your peak hours lie. Accommodate plenty work before taking some time out for yourself. A coffee or some eggs during afternoon hours sounds like a treat to me.
  6. Understand peak efficiency hours: You need to carefully plan the bulk, or difficult, part of your work during the duration when your efficiency is at the maximum. These lie different for each individual. For example, some can work better when they start off, while others are at their peak during later hours. You simply need to find that point in time when you can deliver plenty, without compromising on quality.
  7. Create a working space: A working space is simply necessary to get into the proper work mind set. You cannot work all day from your bed lying down. It not only gets you lazy but also reduces productivity by a lot. Create a makeshift working environment with a desk and a chair to mimic your office.
  8. Limit distractions: Yes, it is true working from home can be difficult due to all the distractions you have. It is your home and you probably have made it with your own comfort in mind. It still falls on you to not be distracted during your work hours and complete daily tasks on time.
  9. You can let something familiar run in the background, vibe to it, while simultaneously working to meet your daily goals.


Working from home is equal parts enjoyable and difficult. There are certain rules you can create for yourself to maximize work activity during your peak hours. Most importantly, do not forget to get some physical activity in to create a mental and physical balance and promote productivity. Peak hours are to be left for tasks which require more effort. Finding the balance between work and private life is key. Productivity increases if you make yourself feel comfortable, while focusing most of your energies to your work.