Video Editing Tools: Best Software for 2021

Regardless of your skillset or background, if you want to professionally edit your film and video projects, you will want the best editing software on the market. Now finding the right product for your needs is by no means an easy undertaking, so let us assist you.

Whether you are an editor par excellence with decades of experience or just a social media influencer who is willing to put together their own video packages, it’s likely that all users have specific needs that may or may not be deliverable with most services.

There are many players in the video editing market, and though there are clearly some which are head and shoulders above others, what might be a more important factor to consider is the relevance for your own particular needs.

Video Editing Tools

What to Look for In a Great Video Editing Software Package

Before diving in and selecting a video editing software package, think about your personal wish-list and what you want from the service. Think also about your own abilities and experience with working on such platforms. Also check– Video production Melbourne

Are your needs perfunctory? Do you just want to cut and splice elements together with a funky transition or maybe a few fades and cuts?

Or do you see your usage going beyond just the basics? In which case do you want a solid piece of kit that has great depth and exploratory options.

Maybe your choices are dictated by cost, in which case you’ll be looking to secure a service with the biggest bang for your buck. In which case, you may be pleasantly surprised as many great options have free-to-use packages, though clearly, with an upgrade to a paid option, your suite is greatly extended.

Again, you may be hampered by your hardware and therefore shopping around for video editing software that is versatile for your PC, mobile devices or maybe a Mac. On that front too you should be able to locate a well-founded package that is aligned to your needs.

Suffice to say, the usage and options of video editing technology have risen a great deal in recent years, and the market is wide open for those looking for a bargain.

It’s true that the best video editing software for one user may not be the right product for another, therefore to help match you to your ideal software, we’ve helpfully split our top video editing tools for 2021 into relevant categories. You’re welcome.

For Beginners & Professional


InVideo is an online video editing tool that is easily accessible from a desktop or mobile browser and compatible with Windows, Chrome and macOS. By uploading raw video to it, you can create professional-looking videos online using pre-configured templates. InVideo is the most comprehensive video authoring platform for creating video ads, promotional videos, social media videos, and more. The main factor that gives it an advantage is you will get all the common video editing tools and features that you find in paid software.

What makes InVideo so powerful; that it comes with more than 4,000 fully customizable templates covering all major use cases or industries, pre-built elements such as CTAs, stickers and overlays, and a built-in library of 8M+ images, video clips and music from premium sources such as Shutterstock and iStock.

Adobe Premiere Elements

While Adobe Premiere Pro might have novices scratching their heads, their Elements is a much easier bit of editing software kit to get stuck into. It’s very easy to use and offers helpful editing tips. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface, loads of editing effects and offers plenty of cross-platform support.

For Those Who Love Their Mac

Final Cut Pro

This really is the go-to place for those who can not be separated from their Macs. Final Cut Pro brings your great organizational tools, super speedy performance, multicam support and is feature-rich, simple to use and produces professional results.

For Mobile Users

Vimeo Create

Ideal for creative types looking to fashion content for social media usage, Vimeo Create is handy for budding influencers as well as business owners looking to repurpose and edit content that will work best on social platforms. The slight downside is that it isn’t available as a separate app and requires signing up for Vimeo Pro, Business or Premium.

For Those On a Budget


If you don’t have a massive budget or indeed want to pick up a great editing tool for free, then Lightworks is an option that is often cited.

Not only is it free (it does have a paid option), it’s intuitive and offers great video tutorials to assist your editing process. In addition, we like the real-time project sharing aspect as well as high-quality trim functions, which help make the process fast professional-looking.

For Social Media Marketers

Adobe Premiere Rush

This is a great option for those of you producing video content specifically for social media usage. It’s ideal for those on the go and posting to platforms, not just because it has export options optimized for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many more, but also because it’s perfect for mixing in background music and has a great drag and drop functionality.

For PC Users

DaVinci Resolve

As a free-to-use program, this is a particularly powerful video editing option to consider for PC users. It has a very intuitive interface and has cross-platform adaptability and high-end features beyond those you expect. There are also great color correction capabilities, and the audio palette is very expansive.

We wish you success in your hunt for the ideal video editing resource and that your chosen software is built to take on the job.