Use These 7 Best Youtube Video Editors To Make Mind-blowing YouTube Videos Easily

Generally, videos edited with a free program are too grainy or have a huge watermark once
exported. Video editing can be one of the most daunting aspects of the entire video creation
process, especially for YouTube creators who frequently churn out quality videos. However,
with the kind of technology available today, it doesn’t have to be.
Besides intro editors like Adobe Spark or Video Creek, we’ve curated a list of the seven best
video editors to use for your next YouTube video. Every software on the list is added, keeping in
mind the following criteria:
– There should be absolutely no watermarks
– The program should have all the essential features available to create a YouTube video.
(Add, trim, add effects, edit audio/text, etc.) Must check– Free YouTube likes

Best Youtube Video Editors To Make Mind-blowing YouTube Videos Easily

1. Davinci Resolve 16

Kicking off our list is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use video editors. Davinci resolve has
become a favorite among professional and amateur video creators. It has all the functionalities
one can ask for. You can edit elaborate explainer videos, short films, broadcasts, or interactive
vlogs with quick cuts and transitions.
– Dual timeline for optimized editing
– Auto-sync clips
– Smart color grading
– Playback with speed control
– Tools to retime, stabilize and transform
– Easy media imports
– Facial recognition
– Neural engine for AI features
– Tape-style audio scrubbing
– Mix and master edit immersive 3D audio
– Intelligent edit modes
– Free foley sound library
– Collaborate projects
– Transitions and effects
– Davinci Resolve 16 allows you to render and upload your videos directly to Youtube,
making it ideal for easy edits.
– No limitation on the length of the video

– Your video resolution is limited to 4K.
– A powerful computer is needed to render heavy videos


If you have limited processing power on your PC and want something web-based, Kapwing is
our recommendation. Surprisingly, it is one of the few online video editors that doesn’t have a
watermark. This lets you create professional-looking videos and doubles as a GIF/meme maker,
subtitler, and more.
– Collaborate with teams
– Brand overlay
– Social media sharing
– Split/merge video
– Media library
– Text overlay
– Playback speed control
– Supports HD resolution
– Intuitive interface and decluttered workflow for quick and easy edits
– A cloud-based application with optimized load processing. Lets you render videos
without the usual lags and frozen screens.
– Lack of pro features like video stabilization, 3D video editing, and others can be
drawbacks for some YouTube creators.
– Limited clip duration and restriction on the upload file size.


It is an open-source video editor that packs a lot of pro features at no cost. If you’re a YouTube
creator that wants to commit to learning and using one software for a long time, Shotcut can be
your pick. Apart from being a multi-functional YouTube video editor, Shotcut offers one of the
most robust audio editors.

– Wide-format support
– Multi-track timeline
– Webcam/audio capture
– Audio filters (compressor, pass, limiters, pitch control, reverb, etc.)
– Audio scopes (loudness, waveform, peak meter, spectrum analyzer, etc.)
– Video filters
– Transition effects
– Track blending/compositing modes
– 360-degree video filters
– Video scopes
– Scrubbing and transport control
– Unlimited edits
– Load, play and trim complex files
– Cross-Browser compatible (Windows, Mac, Linux)
– Does not require high-performance hardware.
– Lacks user-friendly social media exports
– Choppy playback


Lightworks is another cloud-based video editor with a variety of features to create stunning
videos, intros, and YouTube outros. You can crop clips, color grade them, combine them, add
pictures/texts, add different effects, etc. It's simple drag and drop interface lets you create a
cohesive product without the hassle of downloading multiple editors.
– Content management
– Color correction
– Blend modes
– Rendering effects
– Edit Multicam sources
– Enhanced VFX with Boris FX plug-ins
– Video routing

– Keyframe editing
– Dedicated web export
– Speed optimization
– Industry-leading trimming
– Real-time effects with inbuilt presets
– Boris Graffiti enabled text effects
– Project sharing
– Export videos directly to YouTube. You can also choose from frame rate, size selection,
and meta tags for improved SEO.
– Node-based video routing organizes all the video clips by letting you connect each clip
with a specific effect.
– Free version exports limited to 720p resolution.
– You need a powerful computer to run it without lags.

5. Hitfilm Express 4

Hitfilm Express 4 is VFX powerhouse, where you can not only do basic edits to your video but
also do advanced things. With this software, you can avail pro features and export 4K videos
without any time restrictions (over 20 minutes long) or extra processing power.
– Overlay videos and combine timelines
– Color coding
– 3D animation with 3D model import
– Green screen technology
– Mask editing and rendering
– Adaptive trimmer
– 360-degree video filters
– Doppler shift
– Audio mixer with Audio Hard Limiter
– Particle simulator
– Text and tilting
– Extraction and keying
– VFX library

– Hitfilm Pro supports custom 3D models along with custom lighting and shadows.
– It supports resolutions up to an impressive 8K, a huge range of file formats, and an
extensive video/audio library.
– Unlike Davinci Resolve 16, Hitfilm Pro does not have an option to sync multiple cameras
at once.

If you’re a Windows user looking to create Youtube videos with plenty of special effects and
filters, this non-linear editor is for you. VSDC gives you a range of features to experiment with.
For instance, color correction, blurring, selective masking, and video stabilization for drone
shots or shaky GoPro videos.
– Desktop video capture
– Selective masking
– Video/audio converter
– YouTube uploader
– Built-in DVD burner
– Easy export to social media
– Color blending and filters
– Multi-format compatible
– Video stabilization
– Video capture from webcams/video tuners/IP camera
– 4K and HD support
– Provides a broad range of output formats
– An extensive special effects library for in-app control
– Does not support Mac OS
– Mainly used for presentation style videos

7. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie sets the industry standard for video editing software when it comes to Mac OS
users. This built-in Mac program can transform photo collages or videos into professional
YouTube videos with brand logos, and credit rolls. It lets you combine, trim, and arrange clips.
You can also add titles, visual effects and edit audio files efficiently.
– Automatic video editing
– 4K and HD support
– Audio and music editing
– Crop, trim and arrange videos
– Video effects and transitions
– Video color tools
– Video stabilization
– Real-time tilting
– Playback speed control
– Easy media import
– Simultaneous projects
– Preset backdrops and themes
– Ideal for fixing shaky videos through image stabilization
– Easy sharing between Mac, iOS devices and other Apple cloud services
– The intuitive workflow and features are perfect for beginners
– Available only on Mac and iOS devices
– Can add a limited number of clips and music can be subject to copyright

When selecting the best video editing software for your YouTube videos, it is important to
explore all options thoroughly as what meets all your needs might not suffice someone else’s
requirement. Consider reading some expert tips, reviews by companies and individuals, so
you’re sure of what suits you best. As far as engaging YouTube videos go, this list should set you
up for an enjoyable video editing experience!