Top android games for children: spend time well

Whether we like it or not, modern children get used to smartphones and tablets from 3-4 years old. Therefore, the time spent by the kid at the screen should be spent usefully. Children’s games on Android will help to do this, which will not only keep the child entertained, but also teach him something useful.

We have prepared a top that contains the best games for children on Android. There is everything here: from goofy but addicting time killers to really useful educational apps for learning in a playful way. Moreover, they are all free.

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Useful games for children

To begin with, consider educational games for children, with which the child will mentally grow and acquire new skills.

№5 – Children’s games for toddlers 2,3,4 years old

You can start teaching a child through interesting games on a mobile phone at a very young age, since there are many educational games for children 2-4 years old on Android. We recommend this universal app, which contains 15 different games for kids to help them learn color, shape, words and more. Also check- Free Word games

This app has been created by educational experts, so it will definitely prove beneficial. Do not be afraid that your child will not be able to cope with the program, because it has a very simple and intuitive interface, as well as many clues.

# 4 – Masha and the Bear: Games for Kids

Many children are very fond of the cartoon Masha and the Bear, and they will definitely like the opportunity to play together with their favorite characters. The branded application of the cartoon contains 13 mini-games – various puzzles and useful entertainment for the little ones. It will definitely captivate the kid, and it will be much more interesting for him to study.

№3 – Fairy tales and educational games for children

And in this application, your kid can not only play exciting educational games, but also feel like a character in interesting fairy tales. The ability to read is optional: the child will be able to choose whether he wants to read the story himself or listen to the narrator read it to him.

All fairy tales can be listened to without the Internet, since they are saved in the smartphone’s memory. In the course of the story, the child will be asked to complete various tasks related to its plot, which will be interesting and will help in teaching the child.

# 2 – The Fixies. Mathematics

The top Android games for kids is continued with the app helping your child to learn the basics of mathematics. The heroes of one of the most beloved cartoons by children – The Fixies will help them in this. Little friends will explain to your child how to count correctly and make learning fun.

In this application, the kid will learn simple calculations with numbers from 1 to 20, begin to navigate in space, drawing in the cells, and will also be able to correctly determine the time on the clock. All this takes place in the process of a funny and interesting game, which allows you to combine business with pleasure.                                             

# 1 – MentalUP

If you want your child to actively develop their cognitive abilities, install the MentalUP app. This is a collection of special game brain training that will be interesting even for adults.But it is quite simple and is of increasing complexity, so it is suitable even for kids from 3 years old.

In MentalUP, you can monitor the progress of a child and evaluate how well he copes with certain tasks. There are a lot of unique exercises collected here, which makes MentalUP stand out from the background of similar programs that simply copy each other. Parents write in reviews that thanks to MentalUP, their children have begun to do better at school. What better way to describe its usefulness?                                     

Games to keep your child busy

But if you want to seriously and permanently captivate the child, then you need to turn to another type of game. Fortunately, there are also plenty of fun and uncomplicated children’s apps for Android.

# 5 – Bubbu – virtual pet

Many children enjoy taking care of animals. But it is not necessary to buy a real cat or dog for your child, you just need to download the Bubbu app – a virtual pet. Here your baby can take care of the animal that lives in the smartphone, feed it and play with it.

Bubbu contains many funny mini-games, the virtual cat or dog will definitely not make its owner bored. The game is free, but if you want to play without ads, you will have to buy the full version.

# 4 – Toca Kitchen 2

Many people like to cook. This also applies to children. At least in Toca Kitchen 2, cooking will definitely be interesting for everyone. Here your child will be able to create a variety of dishes, and not necessarily existing ones, feed them to virtual people and watch their funny reactions. Toca Kitchen 2 gives you a lot of room to experiment with food and makes cooking a game with no known outcome. You can play without the Internet and without registration, which makes the application even more accessible.                                        

# 3 – Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a very funny children’s game in which you have to feed a little monster with candy. At first, everything will be quite simple, the child will only be offered to cut the thread on which the yummy is held, so that it gets into the mouth of an unusual pet. But with each level this task will become more and more difficult.

Cut the Rope is a very popular game that has earned high marks from users from all over the world. Children like it very much because it has a simple concept, adorable character and nice graphics. The game is undemanding to hardware and runs well even on old smartphones.            

# 2 – Animal Jam

In Animal Jam, your little one can create and play their own animal. The application gives a huge scope for imagination, because you can make absolutely any animal that your heart desires. You can create a creature that is different from everyone else, and travel with him through a huge three-dimensional world.

There are many mini-games available in Animal Jam to earn gems. For them, you can buy various decorations for the animal and equip a den for it. You can also interact with other animals, make new friends or seek out competitors for competition, which develops your toddler’s social skills.                                      

# 1 – Minecraft

When the question of what to play for the child arises, the word Minecraft involuntarily pops up in my head. This game has won the hearts of millions of players, and most of them are children. This is an exciting sandbox in which you can fight monsters, breed animals, build your own home and get valuable resources.

In Minecraft, you can try on the role of a gardener, miner, fearless knight, builder, traveler, fisherman and much more. The advantage of the game is that it always has something to do, so that your child will definitely not get bored.

We have listed the best games for toddlers. Among them, you will definitely find applications that will help your child develop or simply captivate him for a long time. There is no way he/she will get bored anyway.