Top 4 Techniques that technology teach to Massage Therapists

    It is essential to be familiar with the most common techniques when you start a career as a massage therapist. This is because this is what clients are looking for in a therapist. To help you get started in your career, Florida Academy taught you four techniques.

    These techniques include Swedish massage, trigger point massage, Swedish massage and chair massage. Here is a quick description of each technique.

    The Top 4 Massage Therapy Techniques Students Learn at School

    1. Basic massage

    Effleurage can be used to relax and release tension. To ensure maximum relaxation, you must do this before and after every massage.

    Petrisage (or kneeling) is a technique that pulls the muscle away from its bone. This helps to relieve muscle spasms. It is normal for something to hurt in a massage session, but it is not intended to be painful.

    Techniques that technology

    To ensure maximum comfort, the therapist must communicate with clients. Tapotement works in a similar way to its name. Tapotement is the gentle tapping of the skin or cupping with the hand to create a percussion effect. This motion is best for healthy clients with excellent muscle mass. 

    However, it is not recommended to patients with certain ailments. The concentration of pressure at a particular point is called friction. Friction is achieved by using very small circular movements that are focused and concentrated to release tension at specific points. You can also try massage here-, they are best in massage services.

    2. Swedish

    Swedish massage was created in the 1800s , actually by Per Henrik Ling, a professor of physiology at the University of Stockholm. This technique focuses on anatomy and physiology, and how the body works together. 

    Swedish massage can be used in a variety of ways. It can be gentle, vigorous, light pressure or even hard pressure depending on the client’s preference. A Swedish massage aims to relax all muscle groups and to help the body’s systems function together in order to achieve complete body relaxation and satisfaction.

    3. Chair

    Corporate America is embracing chair massage as a growing trend. Employers are beginning to realize the many benefits of massage at work and how it can increase productivity. The chair massage is performed in a cushioned chair that provides support and relief for the client.

    This type of massage usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. A chair massage’s goal is to reduce tension, increase blood flow and bring the client back to a positive mental state. After a session, clients are usually re-energized.

    4. Trigger Point Massage

    Okay, a quick anatomy lesson. Myofascia refers to the soft tissue that covers muscles. It is almost like padding or cushioning. This tissue can sometimes be torn by trauma or overuse. 

    You feel pressure, pain, and tension in areas where myofascia is not adhered. Many people feel like they have a “knot”. Trigger Point Massage targets these “knots” in order to promote tissue healing and alleviate any pain that may remain. 

    This technique not only increases blood flow to the affected area, but also relaxes the surrounding muscles and prevents any nerve damage.