The best projectors don’t come cheap. To get the best out of your investment, you want your projector to last as long as possible.

To help you enjoy your TV and movies for as long as possible, we have compiled a list with tips and tricks. While some may be obvious (we’ve seen enough people) others are more precautionary, but they all have some value in keeping your projector functional.


The Most Important Tips

  • Do not allow any objects to enter the projector’s openings
  • Do not shake the Proyector
  • Keep magnets out of your projector
  • Do not place heavy objects or stand on the projector.
  • Avoid open flames

Operating Your Projector

  • When not in use, keep the lens cap on your projector
  • The recommended temperature range for the projector is 41-95 oF (35 oC).
  • Any loud clicking, buzzing or whirling sounds could indicate a problem with the internal mechanism.
  • Except as stated in the owner’s guide, never open the chassis of the projector.
  • Turn off your projector when not in use
  • Do not frequently turn the projector on or off.
  • The projector should not be used continuously. It should be turned off at least once every 24 hours.
  • You don’t necessarily need extra brightness. Use the “Eco”, Economy, or “Low power” modes of your projector.
  • Keep dust from building up in the area where your projector is used. Vacuum regularly and use an air purifier to remove dust from the air.

Placement of Projectors

  • Securely mount your projector
  • Mounts should be rated to hold the weight of your projector
  • Space between the exhaust vent and a wall should be at least 7.9 inches
  • If ventilation is not available, do not place the projector inside a closed-in cabinet.
  • Keep pets and young children away from your reach
  • Do not place the projector in an area where it could be bumped into
  • Avoid tripping on power cables or A/V cables.
  • Avoid placing the projector in areas where it could be damaged by rain, water, or high humidity.
  • Don’t turn the projector to one side or tilt it on its side.
  • Avoid putting anything that could be damaged or warped by heat near exhaust vents.
  • Avoid using adhesives to mount your projector. They can become less sticky over time and cause your projector’s fall.

Replacing the Lamp

  • Replace bulbs with a pair of gloves
  • Before you remove the bulb, make sure it is turned off and has had at least 30 mins to cool.
  • Do not take apart the lamp
  • Only use genuine OEM replacement projector lamps

Cleaning and maintaining your projector

  • Make sure to clean your projector in the correct way
  • Keep your air filters clean
  • Regularly replace the air filters
  • Don’t wait for the projector warning you to change filters
  • To clean your projector, don’t use sponges or abrasive materials
  • Avoid using aerosol or liquid cleaners that are too harsh, as well as solvents like alcohol, paint thinners, and benzine.
  • Place the projector only on a stable surface
  • The projector should not be used on a rug, couch, or paper.
  • Avoid putting the projector in proximity to water, heat sources, high-voltage wires or magnetic fields.
  • To prevent battery fluid from leaking, replace the batteries in your remote once every two years.

Move Your Projector

  • Before moving the projector, ensure that its power is off and that the plug has been disconnected from the outlet.
  • Try to transport the projector at an even level.
  • Cover the lens with a lens cap or a lens protector.
  • Before moving the projector, remove the mounting
  • It is best to keep the projector in its original packaging when moving it to other locations.
  • If you are going to transport the projector long distances or as checked baggage, make sure it is packed in a sturdy box with cushioning and label the box “Fragile.”