Tips for Making High-Impact Brand Videos for Marketers

Brand videos are a great way to attract customers. A lot of firms/companies invest in making
high-quality appealable brand videos that can help in the growth of their business. A brand
video should be informative as it should provide useful information about the brand to its
target audience. Video marketing is on a surge these days as we can see a lot of brand
videos on Facebook, YouTube, and other sites. There are many tools and software in the
market to design better videos. You can get many editing services like adding text to the video online via editing software. Marketers have to toil hard in making impactful brand
videos. Let us see some tips for creating a successful brand video.

Understand the Subject well
You have to understand the role and objective of the firm as to make it an impactful brand
video. You must ask a few questions to yourself before starting the project, like, are you
promoting a brand? or are you sharing factual information? You can also understand the
demands of your clients in terms of the target audience, information to be displayed, etc.
The brand videos whose objective is defined beforehand, tend to succeed because they
work on a strategy to get the best outcome. It is suggested that you should understand the
topic of your brand video well and always do your homework before making a brand video. Coordinated care network

Gather Data
Try to gather data about your brand, like photos, videos, etc. You can use the data displayed
in prominent newspapers, magazines, about your brand which will provide authenticity to
your brand video. A video script is prepared before making a brand video that works as a
roadmap in video making. Marketers should follow the video script as it doesn’t let us
divulge from the objective. However, a good marketer should introspect and can deviate
from the video script to enhance the quality of their brand video. You can also gather data
about your target audience like their age, interests, location, gender, language, etc. as it will
help you in connecting to them in a better way. You can collect event footage, consumer
testimonial videos, etc. and can add them to your video to make it more relatable to the
audience. You can also do a case study involving your brand, and can add it to your video. The high quality videos can also be used in marketing and other industries like forensics labs are using Video forensics to investigate videos.

Maintain Consistency
One should try to maintain consistency throughout their brand video. For example, make
sure that all your images used are of the same texture, if one image is dark and the other is
light, it will not leave a good impact. One should try to use the same textures, colours,
language, etc. throughout the video. Text is also a great way of maintaining consistency in
your video. You can add subtitles to make your video more understandable. The text font
should also be the same in the video. If you are talking about any particular course, service
provided by any firm, then make sure that you do not include irrelevant topics that can steal
the limelight of the main motive. Your video should be on point and should not deviate from
the objective.

Shooting a Video
Marketers may have to create a landing page video or any other video which has a touch of
human interaction. They use good shooting equipment to shoot videos. You have to make
sure that the shooting is done well, you don’t want a shaky camera situation in a first-
person video. Good video creators use a tripod to solve the camera shaking problem. Good
quality microphone(s) should be used for voice recording. Different camera angles with a
good lens can be tried to make videos more engaging. A good video creator should believe
in human interaction because people want to hear from someone to whom they can relate.
A story consisting of a brand and a person would be more appealing to the audience in
comparison to a simple video promoting the brand with a background voiceover. A lot of
creators are now adding behind the scene footage to their video to engage the audience.

Add special effects
Make sure to use good software for editing your videos. Adding transitions, special effects,
templates to your video will make it look more attractive. You can add your brand’s logo
and can also add logo-reveal effects in your video. There are many software(s) that have
pre-set video editing styles to make your video look better and authentic. You must make
sure that there isn’t any unnecessary noise, text in your video as it is very unprofessional.
There are many great editing features provided by video editors like colour tuning, audio
equalizer, etc. which you can use to make your video better.

Make the introduction good
A lot of times when people see a brand video on any social media site, they skip it after
mandatory 5/10 seconds. If the introduction of the video is not relatable, people won’t
waste their time listening to it & they will skip it. Create a good title for your video which
will be appealing to the audience. A good video maker is familiar with Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) and uses relevant keywords in the video description, video title, etc. that
are likely to be clicked more often by viewers. Make sure that the brand’s URL is mentioned
in the video or the video description, this will help in engaging the audience and you will be
able to promote your brand. The introduction of the video should be good and the ending
should contain a ‘Call to Action’ like sign up, visit the website, contact us, etc. which can be
done by the viewer.

A good video creator researches well and tries to make relatable content. One should use a
good editing software for editing your brand video and making sure that there are no
loopholes. You need to plan your video before making it and should use good creative
equipment to make an attractive video. Start making astonishing videos!