The Best MMO Games You Should Play

In the gaming world, the MMO genre continues to hold the lead in popularity. The success is influenced by the social component, the economic system, the possibility of pumping and encouraging the best players in the PVP and PVE segments.

There are many MMOs on the market that you can play. Some are provided with a paid subscription, some are available absolutely free, but with many services in the donation store.

Today we will discuss the list of MMOs worth playing if you love this genre:

  • Final Fantasy 14
  • World of Warcraft

Final Fantasy 14

Game developers decided to further popularize their console project and developed a whole MMO project, with advanced graphics, ffxiv boost system, many activities and opportunities for character development.

What will they do

First of all, create a character. You don’t have to worry about the class – in the world of FF, each character can take the skills of other classes without the need to create separate characters.

Get acquainted with the game universe and the main storyline. In the game, all quests are closely related to game screensavers and videos where your character directly participates. This creates an atmosphere of presence and influence of your hero on the game universe.

The total quest part will take more than 100 hours with active passage. You have to complete many interesting quests, and fans will be pleased with the appearance of old characters from past parts. The fate of all the characters will be different, and some developments can please, or vice versa, upset.

Explore the game world – the developers were inspired by the World of Warcraft and built their universe by adopting the experience of Blizzard. Moving between cities will be like traveling in WoW, and a bit like Skyrim. The soundtrack, the breath of the wind, the change of weather will add entourage, and the desire to travel on foot.

Get a flying animal

The game encourages the desire of players to look at the colorful world from a bird’s eye view. Here, both the aesthetics of the appearance and the possibility of free movement around the game world are collected. You can get a flying mount using the quest system. In the city, we get a special quest from the NPC and, upon completion, we get our first flying pet for traveling.

World of Warcraft

One of the most fundamental MMOs. It was World of Warcraft that gave the gaming world a lot of mechanics and ideas that are still borrowed by game developers.

What to do in World of Warcraft

Choose your faction. You will have to choose from the Alliance and the Horde. There is no fundamental difference and significant differences except for the appearance – choose what you like.

Upgrade professions

In WoW there are many activities associated with unique skills that will help the player earn gold, have fun and get good equipment and equipment.

Professions in the game world are developed by directly performing actions related to it. If you want to become the best blacksmith, save up or buy ore and start producing heavy equipment. The skill will be pumped and more and more complex recipes will appear.

Explore the game world

The World of Warcraft is interestingly interconnected through all the updates on which the development of the project took place. Everything changed, new continents and lands were added. The character can touch part of the game’s history through the archeology system.

Archeology works on the principle of studying important and interesting places in the universe. Conducting excavations, participation in the development of unique territories.

Get and collect mounts

In the WoW world, the player is presented with a lot of animals on which the gamer can travel around the game universe, complete tasks, quickly go to PVP skirmishes and just show off in front of others.

Some mounts are obtained after completing quest tasks, some require victory in a raid, some are unlocked as rewards for completing achievements and participating in events.

Complex PVP system

WoW, is based on a system of constant rivalry between two factions – the Alliance and the Horde. By choosing the game side, the player automatically joins the faction and hunts for enemies. Any location where all players can hunt can potentially become a place to fight. WoW, loves combat and welcomes players who bring combat dynamics to the game. For killing enemies of his level or higher, the player receives unique PVP coins that can be exchanged for high-quality equipment that will enhance combat capabilities.

But don’t try to attack small opponents, it won’t bring you any fame or coins and will give you a bad name. In MMOs, it is not customary to offend the younger ones.