OSRS Expensive Items to Gain XP With

There are some pretty costly items in OSRS, some of which can help boost the experience you make.

If you have been looking for unique ways of gaining experience in Old School Runescape, then you can do so with your OSRS gold. That’s right, there are some rather expensive items that will help you garner XP at the expense of your hard-earned OSRS GP. If you don’t have stacks of money and you’re considering having to buy OSRS gold, then fear not. Before you delve into the internet looking for somewhere that has OSRS gold for sale, check out this list of items that can offer you fantastic gains.

Kodai Wand

If you have 105M to spare, then this is a wand that you will want to acquire. The Kodai Wand offers a master wand with the Kodai insignia attached, and came as part of the Chambers of Xeric. If you want to wield this deadly wand, then you’ll need to have your magic level up to at least 75. You can expect an impressive increase in your abilities when you use this wand. For example, you will gain additional magic accuracy and stackable damage. Looking for water runes? No problem, this wand gives you as many as you’d like. Very effective in a number of areas, including bosses, Slayer tasks, and even PvP.

Ancestral Robe Set

Want to look stylish as a magician? Then get down to the Chambers of Xeric to get this neat outfit. The total price for the getup is 221.4M OSRS GP, which makes up the hat, robe top and robe bottom. Alternatively, you could choose to buy each part separately. The hat is 23.7M OSRS gold, whilst the robe top and bottom are 112M and 85.5M respectively.

Get your magic level up to 75 and your defense up to 65 so that you can wear this outfit. You will then gain +69 in your magic accuracy and +61 magic damage for doing so. It doesn’t degrade either, and you will look snazzy the entire time too. It can also provide you with an advantage if you are out player killing in the wilderness.

Dexterous Prayer Scroll

This scroll also plays its part in the Chambers of Xeric. You will be given access to the rigour prayer with this item, but the rigour does cost nearly 62M OSRS gold. That said, you can expect some great benefits from it. Your prayer level will need to be at level 74 for it, and your defence at level 70. You can expect boosts in your accuracy, defence, and range strength with this handy scroll. It can be extremely useful against the likes of Jad, Zulrah, Dagannoth Kings and more. Its great for those Slayer tasks that feel like the enemies go on forever too.

Elysian Spirit Shield

This is definitely worth your time and money pursuing. This is one of the most expensive items in the entire game, clocking in at 641M OSRS gold. Coming from a combination of a spirit shield and an elysian sigil, this shield requires you to have your defence and prayer levels at 75. If you have the gold and the required skill levels, then you can expect some mighty defence from it. You will also have a 70% chance of a 25% damage reduction that’s coming your way. So, if you want to block out pretty much anything that comes your way, you best start saving.

The Twisted Bow

Andso we come to one of the most coveted weapons in the entire game. The Twisted Bow is a fantastic piece of weaponry for you to own. That said, you could end up having to fork out around 1.2B OSRS GP, putting this at the very top of the most expensive items you can own. Sure, it is a very hefty sum, but when you hear about what it is capable of, you will be a bit closer to understanding why.

You will firstly, need to get your ranged skill to 75, and be able to shoot arrows of course. This twisted bow is not just any kind of bow, however. This is incredibly effective against bosses and enemies with high magic levels. The reason is that the twisted bow does more damage the higher the magic level is for your enemy. So, when facing the likes of Jad, Zulrah, Abyssal Sire, and others that have such traits, you are going to be extremely effective in taking them down.

All of these items are going to set you back as far as their cost is concerned. However, when you consider what they are capable of, it is certainly worthy of your time looking into it. Your damage output combined with your defence is going to be unmatched, after all.

Have you managed to get any of these OSRS expensive items? Let us know in the comments section below!