My Child Overuses Instagram, What Should I Do?

Instagram is a fun place to be in. You get an opportunity to share images and video content over the platform, meet with friends, engage new ones, and follow your favourite celebrities.

Children also are joining Instagram because they also have friends to talk with and share the content they love. And so, if you are yet to set any boundaries concerning how to use Instagram appropriately, your child may overuse the site.

What should you do in this case? Well, as a parent, you need to be vigilant and communicate with your child. In this article, we’ll show you how to try it using the FoneMonitor Monitoring software.

Using a spy app

Before you can even sit down with your child and talk about the problem, it’s always good to know how they are using their Instagram account. Some kids, by the way, are intelligent right from the word go.

They already know what Instagram is all about, its benefits, and the danger lurking within the account. So, if the child is using the platform correctly, then there’s no need for alarm. And asking for their phone every time might force them into changing their behaviour.

So, the best thing to do is to look for a reputable software like FoneMonitor. It is an award-winning app that has millions of users around the globe. Large online brands such as TechRadar, CNET, Android Authority, and Tom’s Guide all give credit to this platform and recommend it to users.

How to start using it

Step 1: FoneMonitor is very easy to use. The app is stable and reliable and doesn’t require much of your space. The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account, which is free. 

Step 2: Then get hold of the device for just a one minute or so, go to the app store, download the app, sign up, and log in. It will go on stealth mode and operate behind the scenes. From then on, you won’t need the phone again as you’ll access your child’s device from a remote location.

For your information: You don’t have to jailbreak or root the target device. Hence, FoneMonitor is safe and secure to use. Also, you’ll have to choose a suitable payment plan for your needs. 

Other ways to help your child

Apart from using FoneMonitor, there are other ways to help you know how to deal with the problem.

1. Set up boundaries

The reason why your child could be addicted to Instagram is that you are yet to set boundaries on when it’s appropriate to use social media. Hence, instead of just sitting there and watching your child sink into addiction, you need to set the boundaries straight. 

For instance, let them know they can’t go on Instagram if they don’t finish their homework or assignments that you give them.

2. Talk to them about the dangers of social media

Your greatest weapon in disciplining your child is communication. Mention the dangers found in the platform to avoid falling into the hands of scammers and cybercriminals. As you do that, mention that it’s okay to chat with the right kind of friends.

3. Know what they like to do on Instagram

Sit down with your child and try to understand them. Let him or her tell you why they love Instagram and what makes them go back to their phone every few minutes. If they don’t tell you, FoneMonitor can be a discreet way to let the cat out of the bag.

Once you find what they love, ask them to follow you on IG, which controls what they post and share on the site.


Instagram is an excellent site for your child to chat and entertain himself. So there’s nothing 

wrong in letting your child join the site, especially if they are 13 and above.

On the other hand, don’t let your child become addicted to the site. It’s up to you as a parent to point these things out to him or her to avoid negative influences, addictions, or social media depressions to affect his or her life and studies.