Major impact of online examination and testing platform

Due to the pandemic situation we faced for quite a few months, it’s not easy for the academic structure to work the way it used to work before. As all things nowadays have become digital, the digital market has taken an important place in our new way of living. Everything from booking a car, making reservations, or giving a test online is done through online means. With the use of digital means one can easily complete their work without any sort of hindrance. As due to the current situation the education system is facing the biggest challenge, so online testing platform has been extremely helpful.

Through the use of one’s device one can give an online test, as due to the situation it is not possible for the people to travel a long journey to complete their test. If a person has gadgets like laptop, tab or mobile phone they can easily complete their education by being seated at home. In the current scenario the online methods are increasing quickly due the facilities we get through the online process. Online exams have given a new way to the educational system and therefore even the academic people are accepting the online methods.

Benefits of online examinations

  • Decreased the burden: – while holding the examination a university has to go through many arrangements which are to be for holding an exam. They have to invest a certain amount of money for the preparation of any sort of exams, invigilators are to be selected to keep an eye through exams, question papers are to be printed, answer sheets are to be arranged, an extra amount of time is wasted on such arrangements. Here online exams decrease the burden of extra charges faced by the examination holder. A university can hold online exams, with no extra cost and not much need of manual power which can be cost efficient and helpful for the university.
  • Ease of access to isolated places: – There are many such areas from where it is not at all easy for the people to travel all the way for the exams. Most of the time there are tendencies where they almost miss their important exams. By the means of the online exams one has an opportunity to sit in their exams from any remote place. One just has to take care of a good internet connection to be available in the online examinations.
  • Extremely amenable: – As while preparing for the exams vast quantities of syllabus are to be kept in mind. Considering all the important things for the examination the online exams are executed in such a way it can be easily accessible by the students preparing for it. The main benefit of the online exams is that a student doesn’t need to invest much in just one computer with the facility of a webcam and a good quality of internet connection is required which can be easily handled by the student.
  • Multiple question types are available: – While preparing for exams that are conducted online one can easily make their preparation as the exams hold MCQs, where we come through varieties of question types. Selected famous types kind of questions are fill in the blanks, long answers, short answers, coding, and check boxes and so on. Thereby due to the numerous kinds of questions it will be exceedingly easy for the students to take their time and complete the exam. One can increase an immense amount of knowledge in them by applying the proper method of question answering.
  • Online grade system: – When the examinations are held practically, faculty members need to check all the answer sheets manually, which creates an extra burden for the faculty member. By making the use of this methodology the answers are auto corrected, and the grades are given online. At times faculty members even show partiality to their dear ones. But in the case of online exams, as it is not manually done, everything is computerized. Sometimes when a student achieves less marks than other classmates they start feeling inferiority complex, but with online means one doesn’t need to go through such issues.
  • Use a comfort zone: – As it is an online exam, one doesn’t need to stick to one place, they can give their exams by comfortably taking a seat in their eased environment. So, this brings a sense of relief to the students as they can relax and attempt the examination without their nervousness of sitting in an examination hall empowering them.
  • Machine Driven test setup implements: – After the set of questions are sanctioned, the authorities can easily select the apt questions from it and prepare a question paper or they can also set the question paper with the help of various test setup implements mechanically.

How is the examination conducted?

  1. The test taking atmosphere is created and the question papers are uploaded in it by the test operator.
  2. Majority of candidates are set in one platform, furthermore the time and date of a specific exam are decided, and after that the links are provided to all the candidates, for any other instructions mails are sent. The instruments and guidelines are strictly to be followed by the candidates.
  3. The candidates can login by using the direct links given to them. Then the test starts, the proctors are there to keep a check on the candidates, either human proctors or device based proctors are there throughout the test.
  4. After the submission of the test paper one can get automated results through which they can check their rankings.

Thus online examination tests provide tremendous advantage to the candidates. The best feature of the online examination is that it is extremely convenient to the candidates as well as the faculty conducting exams since it saves time, energy and money. The results are also quick, one does not need to wait long for them. Online examination has provided a new direction for the educational system, and by applying it one has been more benefited rather than the practical examinations.