Is It Worth Learning JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages. Learning it is one of the most simple ways to start a career in IT. However, learning it also may cause some problems, especially when it comes to dealing with assignments. In such cases, you may just google “do my JavaScript homework” and find services where experts can help you with specific tasks. In this way, you can proceed to learning without being stuck on a particular topic.

Today, JavaScript is a one-of-a-kind language that works in all browsers and is supported by all modern operating systems, any mobile platforms, etc. If you plan to connect your future life with programming the client side of the site, or at least layout, you need to understand that without the ability to work with JavaScript, there is nothing to do there. Along with this, you can also check for SQL tuning service, they are experts in database fixing service.

JavaScript development is progressing by leaps and bounds. In 2009, thanks to the genius Ryan Dahl, the Node.js platform appeared. With the help of this platform, JavaScript capabilities have expanded and are used not only in browsers but also in many other devices, applications, and games. For example, this process can be started in household appliances, in the same dishwasher, or robotics. But what is the role of JS? JavaScript is used to write programs that are controlled by device microprocessors. This suggests that JavaScript is ubiquitous today.

JavaScript is event handling

When working with any site, performing any clickable action, JavaScript is enabled and handles this event. You can imagine it like this: the user selected an object on the page with the cursor –  an event occurred in the browser – The JavaScript code worked – something has changed on the site page in front of the user’s eyes (if the programmer has assigned an event handler).

It turns out that JavaScript shows any reaction on sites. It is the event that the user performed. Thus, the work of the site is automated. But there is also an important point: do not confuse Java and JavaScript; they are two different languages. Java is used in large desktop business applications in the financial industry (for example, trading), or in the power industry (accounting automation), in mobile applications. There are several code editors written in java (NetBeans, IttelliJ).

The main advantages of JavaScript

The JavaScript language is easy to learn, even for a novice programmer. It is the main helper for HTML and CSS; they are interconnected like best friends. With JavaScript, it is possible to create scripts that automate operations that require manual correction.

At its core, JavaScript is plain text that can be used in any text editor (Notepad ++, Sublime text, Brackets). Main pluses:

  • Working inside a browser page
  • Interacting with HTML tags
  • Adjusting CSS page styles
  • Correcting the code of any page in HTML
  • Moving any elements on the page
  • Ability to request data from the user and send it to the database
  • No installation required on your computer
  • Wide range of applications.

JavaScript is actively used when working with social networks. With this language, you can easily write a program that will copy passwords and send letters. But, popular browsers, for security and spam protection purposes, restrict JavaScript capabilities. The browser will simply block JavaScript if the script takes too long to execute.

Is there any competition?

JavaScript has been developing successfully for many years, and so far, there are no worthy competitors. This language easily copes with all the tasks, that there is simply no need to create something like that for its competition. It has already taken its niche in the world of web programming and does not plan to give up its leading position to anyone.

Is initial knowledge required?

If programming is an absolute puzzle for you, you think that you do not have a technical mindset, then you can try your hand at learning JS since it has a low barrier to entry. You can start without having any skills. However, having some initial knowledge will be a bonus for you in mastering JavaScript.

What prospect awaits you?

JavaScript is in the top ranking and #1 among developers on GitHub. Also, the big plus of this profession is that it is possible to work remotely. In addition to large cities, in the small towns, there are numerous web studios where they willingly invite to work. Such companies require not only experienced specialists but also novice developers.

The demand is growing every year, as is the entire field of information technology. Applications are gaining popularity, where JavaScript is also actively used. Therefore, we can safely say that JavaScript specialists will not be left without high-paying jobs for the next ten years.

The bottom line

Having learned the basics of JavaScript in conjunction with HTML/CSS, you can find your first job in the field of front-end development or website layout. You can learn libraries and frameworks, gain some fundamental knowledge, and become a top JavaScript developer.

Everything will depend on your desires and abilities. The more practice and information, the better the result. However, we guarantee for sure that there is no limit to studying in this direction, as well as the limit for the growth of your further income. Moreover, those who work with JavaScript are looked for in the largest cities and small towns.