iFun Screen Recorder Review

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could capture-screen activities on your PC? This is possible courtesy of the iFun Screen Recorder. It is a screen recorder that you can use to record what you are doing.

It comes in handy in several situations. Some of its applications include recording your gameplay, online classes, or sharing work progress. It is one of the screen capturing programs that you can find in the software market.

Its vast array of features contributes to its excellence. This article will review iFun Screen Recorder to explain how it works and its general attributes.

iFun Screen Recorder Features

We will start the review by looking at its features. They are as highlighted below.

Compatible Operating Systems

iFun Screen Recorder is a Windows program. It works with various versions Windows operating systems, both old and new. You can use this tool if your PC runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is an easy-to-use program, and you may look up how to record screen on Windows 10 on the site.

Screen Capture

When capturing your screen, you benefit from the program’s flexibility. In this case, you can capture any area on the screen. The flexibility allows you to adjust the scope of capture’s size, from the whole screen to a small dialog box. When you record the part you want, you can make it better by trimming off unnecessary parts.

Lag-Less Performance

An issue you may encounter with most programs is lagging on operation. If intense, it may be frustrating and can affect other PC functions. The good thing with this screen recorder is that it is a lightweight program. As such, it is economical on computer storage space RAM.

Going low on RAM ensures that the program does not lag when in use.

Screenshot Recording

A hint at iFun Screen Recorder’s versatility is on its functionality. When using it, you can record your on-screen activities in video format and also take screenshots. You can capture audio, making it an ideal tool for tutorials.

Supported Formats

Another show of this program’s flexibility is its supported formats. You can save your recordings in different forms, such as MOV, DAT, DVR, 3GP, and MP4. You may also convert the captures to a preferred format.

The Online Recorder

If you do not want to download the software, you can rely on the online screen recorder. This version is easy to use, and you access it from the website. It is free to use and does not require an account login.

Additionally, it works with various browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla. Files from this iFun Screen Recorder are in WebM format. The downside of using the online recorder is that you have a time limit and cannot edit videos.

Pros of iFun Screen Recorder

  • Easy to use.
  • It is free to download.
  • The program is safe on your device.
  • Ability to take screenshots and audio.
  • There is an online version.
  • Compatibility with different Windows OS versions.
  • Lag-less performance


  • The online version has limited features compared to the downloadable version.


iFun Screen Recorder is a great tool to have on your device for recording your screen activities. From the review, you can see its many excellent features. If you want to enjoy its many features, download it for free from its website.