Hotspot Shield Elite VPN for Android, Mac & Windows

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is an entry-level VPN service that markets itself towards casual and beginner VPN users. An unlimited, free version of the VPN is available for everyone, making it an excellent way to experiment and play around with a VPN service. Unfortunately, I did find a lot of worrying details hiding behind Hotspot Shield’s heavily marketed exterior. Keep reading my Hotspot Shield Elite VPN APK review to find out more.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Privacy & Protection

In addition to its desktop apps, AnchorFree also offers Hotspot Shield Elite VPN cracked APK for Android browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox. Several VPN companies offer browser plugins, but AnchorFree is especially notable because you need neither an account nor a subscription when you connect via these plugins.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Crack

Hotspot shield VPN Elite Edition usually means a catch of some kind, and the story is a bit complicated for AnchorFree. If you use the Firefox plugin, there’s no limit on your data and you can use any server you wish, as often as you like. It’s totally unlimited. The catch is if you use the Chrome plugin, you can’t connect to US or UK VPN servers, as you can with the Firefox plugin, but your data is still unlimited.

The Chrome plugin also has links at the bottom of its windows to popular services, which feels a little bit like advertising. Elite plan customers have a 30-day money back guarantee available to test out Hotspot Shield’s premium service. Payment options for Hotspot Shield include the usual credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and Paypal.


Hotspot Shield offers an unlimited, free version of the service to all users. While this is a nice gesture, free users are subject to advertisements as well as some additional restrictions on content (not being able to access Netflix, iPlayer, etc.). If you do end up enjoying Hotspot Shield, you can purchase the Elite plan to get rid of those advertisements and content restrictions.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Features

Hotspot Shield Elite Download is a service by Anchorfree, a California-based company that is responsible for a handful of privacy-based services. Unfortunately, as Anchorfree headquarters are in the US, this does create some concern regarding the level of privacy offered by HSS.


Hotspot Shield Elite full Version APK is a venture funded company that has quite an impressive list of investors, from mega bankers Goldman Sachs to Reed Hundt (former chairman of the FCC). While this shouldn’t be worrying, a privately-held company does tend to be a safer bet when it comes to online privacy.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Cracked

Hotspot Shield Elite full Version APK has servers in 20 countries, with the US, Hong Kong, and Germany being just a few examples. You will need an Elite account to change server location, as the default connection is the US server. Free users are allowed up to one simultaneous connection, with this number jumping up to five for Hotspot Shield Elite Full Version customers.