Converting PDF To PPT With No Limit

PDF files can be hefty and lengthy when you open it in any device. Sometimes, PDF files are also not accessible compared to other file formats. To access the PDF file more conveniently, one should convert it to a different file format. Thus, PDF converters exist. 

Whether you have a presentation to do at work or school, there might be times that these presentations come randomly. Your boss might ask you to do a presentation in 5 minutes instead of doing it next week. If ever you get to experience that and you don’t have a presentation ready in PPT form, you can always convert PDF files to PPT in no time with the right tool.

PDFbear is one of the best and easiest PDF file converters that you can use today. It‘s free and you don’t have to do any necessary installations. It is also convenient to use when you are on the go. PDFbear can do so much more than other PDF converters, and we will highlight those features in this article. 

Converting PDF To PPT With No Limit

How to convert PDF to PPT in PDFbear?

As mentioned, PDFbear is very straightforward. All you need to do is access the converter on your web browser, whether you are using a mobile device or a computer, and you can convert PDF files anytime you like. 

When converting PDF to PPT, PDFbear is the best converter tool to use. You can now convert pdf to ppt no limit. To do so, all you need to do is follow four steps. First, access the website and upload your chosen PDF file for conversion. You can upload the file from your computer or storage cloud. Once you have selected a file, drag and drop it on the website, and it will scan automatically. 

When the file has been successfully uploaded on the site, you can now choose how you will convert it. For PDF to PPT, choose PPT, and then click “Convert.” The conversion will start immediately, and it will take no longer than three minutes to be ready. 

When the PDF file has been converted into a PPT file, it is now ready to be downloaded. You can choose to save the newly converted file back to your computer or save it on your cloud storage. PDFbear supports cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Box. 

Why choose PDFbear?

While there are thousands of PDF converters online, you might ask yourself, “Why should I choose PDFbear?” To answer that question, first, PDFbear’s tools and features can be used freely. Unlike other PDF converters that come with a subscription fee, PDFbear can be accessed freely. 

Next, PDFbear supports all sorts of file conversion. From PDF files to PPT, Excel, TXT, JPEG, HTML, and more. The site also supports conversion from different file formats to PDF form. When converting files, you can do it all on PDFbear, and you don’t have to worry about finding other converters for it. 

PDFbear also respects its user’s privacy. The website has its encryption software that allows user’s files to stay confidential or private. When you upload a file on the site, the data will remain in a limited time only. The same goes for your converted files. You can learn more about PDFbear’s privacy measures in its Privacy Policy. 

Flexible support

Aside from being free of charge, PDFbear is also convenient because it supports many operating systems. You can access the website on your computers, may it be Linux, Mac, or Windows. It also works well with Android for mobile devices and tablets. 

Lastly, PDFbear can connect to the cloud. All files that are processed in their server will be directed to a cloud folder that you can access. This has made every PDF to PPT conversions a lot easier compared to other converter tools. 


If you have PDF files that you like to convert into PPT format, PDFbear is undoubtedly one of the best converter tools you can get online. The conversion is quick and efficient, and you can even use it when you’re on the go. It’s that easy!