Best 5 Root Apps 

In the past when Android came, there were some features that you could only enjoy when you root your phone. Some of the features included overclocking, Wifi hotspot, App mods, and UI mods.

Today, the current phones are rich and fast with features. However, most people are still preferring to root their devices. Here are the best apps for rooting Android devices.

Best 5 Root Apps 

  1. Wekelock Detector

This app does what its name suggests. The app will help you to find apps acting out of their line. When it does that, it will help you do the necessary steps to stop it. The thing is that it’s a valuable app that does many things.

Wakelocks are worst that you will have installed in your device. They play a role in draining the battery fast. So, most users will consider Wekelock Detector when they want to figure the wekelock apps.

If you’re looking for an essential app to help with your battery life, here is the app you should choose – Wekelock Detector. The problem you might face is because it seems to be in trouble with newer versions. So, before you purchase, the free version.

Best 5 Root Apps  free

  1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Track is the owner of this special root app called Titanium Backup. It’s an app that only works on Android devices. However, with this app, it can help you to back up virtually all the data in your device such as unique user data, app data, and more.

However, this android root app has been there among the top of other root app lists. So, it might feel blasphemous when not included in the list.

If you use this app, you can install bloatware, freeze other apps and then back up the application data. It’s, therefore, a recommended root app, especially to the new users. If you want to try it, go and get this root app immediately. It will be best at the service.

  1. Lucky Patcher 

Lucky Patcher app is the app you need to root your android device. It’s fantastic because it allows you to change data according to your needs. However, there are numerous apps you’ll find on the internet having ads, in-app purchases or paid. The only problem is that it’s not all the people who will buy or use them.

In such situations, choosing Lucky Patcher Apk will be of great help. So, when you use the paid app, you will be enjoying free premium features. Besides, you can also customize the app and remove adds.

However, this app needs root access, because it will modify or change the app data to your requirements. So, it can remove the app and ads and also bypass license verification freely.

  1. Adblock Plus

This a free app that plays a great impact on the rooting services. However, this app, as its name predicts, helps to remove ads from your device. Many people have described this app as essential in its services.

It can be configured such that some unobtrusive ads will get through. However, this app will be lightly configured. You might not get in in Google Plag Store, but the app has its download official link.

If you use this in your device, then you will accept it to be the best among numerous root apps. You only need to click the link, download, install and enjoy rooting your device.

  1. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is among the few apps you won’t use until you need it. It is an app that will let you recover your lost data that was accidentally deleted or corrupted. When you have this app, it can recover and undelete lost pictures from your camera that was stored in the internal memory.

In case you have reformatted the memory card where you delete the photos accidentally there is no need to worry. You can get back your photos by downloading and installing this essential app. DiskDigger remains the best way of recovering lost photos. The app is also easy to use.


When you root android, it gives you hundreds of benefits. But, among the popular benefits is where you can download and install exciting apps. For a standard Android device, the app might pass a rigorous certification procedure before being listed on the Android and Google Play store. Some apps won’t be available because they are competing with the hardware manufacturers.