Basic WordPress Plugins for E-Learning

E-learning refers simply to a course or program wholly delivered online. This program offers people and institutions the opportunity to spread their teaching skills. Also, it allows students to access the educational curriculum via technology outside the classroom. 

Hence it is now easy for content developers and users to meet online easily. The internet also enables WordPress plugins that will deliver a quality experience to content developers and learners so that the desired goals are achieved. A professional english essay help offers the best homework help to save time and also reduce the cost of completing homework. 

Here are some of the popular WordPress plugins for E-learning. 

1). LearnPress

LearnPress is a simple plugin and one of the most accessible plugins to use among WordPress themes. It is not only free but also does not require advanced skills to use it. Learnpress will give its users an innovative landing page that helps provide detailed course descriptions.

These plugins maintain a free subscription and allow multiple educators or instructors to take the course. It also provides a place to drip content so teachers can schedule their content flow.

2). VM Video Lesson Manager 

The e-learning takes place via materials that can be uploaded, such as images, videos, presentations, graphics, and texts. The content developer’s objective is to generate as much revenue from customers who subscribe to their lessons. With VM Video Lesson Manager, you can view videos uploaded to the web or other platforms like YouTube.

This plugin can also help you narrow down the channels or videos that are open at any time and track the progress of each user. The student can mark favorite minutes or sections in the video. The video lesson manager allows a content developer to share details of student progress in real-time.

3). LearnDash 

The learnDash is made for both the content developers and consumers like the students. This plugin can be used commercially or for usual e-learning sessions. LearnDash can be optimized for easy monetization of your sites or web channels. 

The plugins enable the creator to divide his or her courses into several layers. It’s easy for the content developer to create content for multiple classes or change his or her content into quizzes and presentations. It also comes with a scheduling feature that allows the content creator to determine when a specific content will be made available. 

Also, Its grading feature help to track performance automatically. This enables the issue of certificates and badges awards for the students. LearnDash is heavily monetized. It offers several options, such as membership options, subscriptions, course licenses, and packages on the same platform. Furthermore, an advanced version with multiple payment options can be gotten.

4). WP Courseware

The WP Courseware offers features that make content creation on any topic easy to understand. It is commonly used for conventional learning and business orientation, making it one of the most popular e-Learning plugins. The attractive feature of this plugin is the drag and drop element, which does not require advanced skills.

However, the WP Courseware comes with other notable features such as user-specified e-mail sending, student progress visualizer, and course outline. It also allows for quizzes to be created in different formats, including multiple selections, file uploads, and yes or no answers. The price tag offers the best value for money.


In conclusion, WordPress has incredible plugins. Also, they can be used to support e-learning. Consumers or users can make their choice based on their personal preferences and budget. However, It is also advisable to choose a plugin that offers multiple functions to avoid overloading WordPress.