7 Microsoft Excel Tricks to Help You in College

Well, if you’re using Microsoft, it would do you good to know all hacks. Such shortcuts come in handy when you’re trying to expedite your assignments.

Since Microsoft can be used in almost any industry, these hacks will help even after you graduate. These shortcuts are a staple because they ensure you are effective and efficient.

You need to effectively communicate whether you’re in school or as an employee in a big company. Communication is key in all spheres of life because a simple miscommunication can easily mess you up.

Even when you’re seeking help with your finance assignment, the writer needs to understand exactly what you need.

Let’s look at the 7 most important Microsoft hacks you should learn.

7 Microsoft Excel

  1. Freeze Rows and Columns

Top of the list is freezing rows and columns. This is a common hack that comes in handy when you’re simultaneously working on different documents at the same time.

This can help when you’re writing an essay by referring to the source. It makes it easy to paraphrase because you can see what you’re working with.

Freezing rows and columns is a huge time saver because switching from one document to another consumes a lot of time. Now you can write as though you’re referring to a blackboard for reference.

To freeze a column or a row, move the cursor to the intersection of the column or row you want to freeze, click view at the top of your computer screen and select Freeze Panes.

  1. Navigate Quickly

Whether your spreadsheet is huge or not, navigating quickly helps you get to what you need faster. Scrolling all the way to the top each time you need to refer to something wastes a lot of time. This hack allows you to complete a task within a short time.

Besides, you might forget what data you need to enter because you’ll be too focused on scrolling to the top or bottom.

To navigate quickly, you can either press down the End key and use the arrow keys to navigate or press down the control key and use the direction keys to navigate.

  1. Add Multiple Row and Columns

As you work on a spreadsheet, you might need to add columns or rows when you’d already created the table.

You don’t have to start all over again because you can easily add columns or rows anywhere in the spreadsheet.

This hack allows you to accommodate all of your data and maintain the neatness you require. To do this, you’ll need to click on the Shift, Control and Equal keys at the same time.

  1. Delete Blank Cells

If you happen to have blank cells you have no use for, you can easily get rid of them. This comes in handy when you’re working on a spreadsheet with average value of a column and a row.

To delete a blank cell, select the row or column in question and then press the G key and the Control key. Select Special dialogue box and click on blanks to get rid of blank cells.

  1. Spell Check

Well, when you’re keying in data into a spreadsheet, everything needs to be accurate. That s why the spell checking hack comes in handy.

This hack allows you to spell check your entire document simply by pressing the F7 key. If you want to check spelling in specific rows or columns, then you’ll need to highlight them.

  1. Repeated Formatting

When you click on the paintbrush icon repeatedly, you can get to use the format painter multiple times. Double click on the format painter to unlock unlimited use. Once you’re done, press the escape key.

  1. Repeat Print Title

If you’re working on multiple excel pages, this hack comes in handy. To save time, you can automate title printing instead of doing the same manually. To do so, click on the Page Layout tab and select Print Title. Next, enter the columns and rows you want to repeat in the dialogue box that pops up.


These Microsoft hacks will go a long way in helping you save time. Make sure you look up more hacks to be savvier.