5 Best Typing Learning Software (Free & Paid) 2020

Typing skills are needed in every sector nowadays, no matter if you do a 9 to 5 job if you are a student or starting a blog typing will be required. And that’s where typing learning software comes in handy. A typing leaning software will make you learn typing by giving you assignments and then giving you a list of hour mistakes. It will also improve your typing speed and skills. 

So here we have found the top 5 typing leaning software which will effectively help you to learn typing. 

Best Typing Learning Software free

1 Mavis Beacon Free 

Mavis is a great typing learning software and the best thing about this one is it’s absolutely free to use. And anyone can learn or improve their typing skills here. The software provides you the best tools which are made for beginners to help them learn some essential typing skills. 

It has many tools which will provide you many options to learn things easily. Its intuitive interface makes your learning experience easy. This typing learning software will give you many assignments, projects and even games that will significantly improve your typing skills. This software is only available for Windows but other than that each and every feature of its makes it one of kind and best typing learning software out there.

2 Klavaro 

We just couldn’t complete our list of best typing learning software without mentioning Klavaro. Over the past few years, Klavaro has been becoming the favorite software for typing learning for almost every age group of people. No matter if you are working on your typing skills or accuracy the software helps you with any matter that you want help on. 

You can give tests and get better and better with each passing test. You will have the best learning experience here with the best tools that are provided by this typing learning software. Users can also choose their favorite keyboard layout that suits them the best. 

3 Ktouch 

Kt ouch is another popular typing learning software which provides its users the best service. Users can actually learn typing in the shortest period of time with the most effective tools. With its intelligently designed tests, you can know your strengths and capabilities and then work on your weakness.

You can easily know whether you are typing right or wrong on the screen and learn at your own pace.  Ktouch is the perfect typing tutor and you will have the best experience here. The software provides you hundreds if keyboard layouts and you can choose them according to your own preferences. You can download this software for free and start learning. 

4 Tux Typing 

Tux Typing is a reputed online typing tutor software and it also comes with great features that will help you learn typing better at your own pace. You will find many tools to help you in the learning process. You can improve your typing speed significantly and learn to type with accuracy. Do tests and have fun experience with tux typing. 

5 keyblaze 

Keyblaze is a popular typing learning software that is available for free. It’s easy and user-friendly interface is what impressed its users in the first place. If you use this typing learning software you will learn to type easily and have a good experience with its customized tools. Learn fast typing withing a short period of time and become a professional typist with this software. 

There are hundreds of typing learning software present but these 5 are the best ones. Here you will have a great time and you will see an improvement in your typing skills. So choose the one which suits you the most and improve your typing speed! This article is submitted by Aamir ceo of Questionsgems. He loves to write about technology, apps, education.