5 Awesome Single Player PC Games You’ll Probably Enjoy

PC games are always evolving through the years and so we are. The excitement we feel as a gamer is so priceless, your age doesn’t matter in this world of fantasy as long as you enjoy it you will never regret the feeling when you’re playing. So here are the most awesome single-player games in the century.

Nier: Automata

Nier Automata

An action role-playing game developed by Platinum Games. It is said to be one of the most exciting best free single player pc games ever. The game is in a year 11,945 AD in a post-apocalyptic world. Basically, aliens sent machines to the earth and drove humanity to the moon, while on the moon humanity created androids and sent these androids back to earth to destroy the machines and reclaim the planet.

That’s the basic premise anyway you players to be are you’re her Android who has to take the fight to the machines. The story is really some sort of hybrid between typical JRPG tropes and sci-fi ideas. It’s quite a nice mix and it’s definitely one of the most interesting games in terms of the story and art style.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft has huge ambitions for 2020 and with this newest iteration of the Watch Dogs sequence, they ‘re making it pretty clear. Watch Dogs has also been a fascinating portrayal of the open-world concept, with its hacking and innovative technologies undercurrents. In Legion, they are eager to take it on a knot, welcoming every person into the burgeoning revolution of their world.

Take to modern London and hire into your team everyone big or small, young or elderly, and use their abilities to accomplish every task. But, if you lose one, and you are going to lose them forever. With a perma-death dimension inserted into the storyline, it brings the sense of humanity to the ultra-diversity scenario. While it’s been delayed some, we can pretty much expect it on our PCs, PS4s, and Xbox Ones in a little while in the latter half of 2020.

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil

Capcom has been absolutely nailing their survival horror series, following this recent announcement of another huge retro remake, it doesn’t look like they’re about to steam any time soon. Just from the trailer, we know Resident Evil 3’s about to kick the scares to high gear as we follow Jill’s frantic escape from a mob of the infected.

Following this latest announcement with another massive retro reboot, Capcom has been totally trying to nail their survival horror series, it really doesn’t sound like they’ll have to heat up any time soon. We know Resident Evil 3’s just from the teaser about to beat the horrifies with full force as we follow Jill’s frenzied escape from a group of the infected.

Destroy All Humans

A new era is seemingly an ideal time for comebacks. This may not be as triple-A as the Resident Evil, but with this Crypto title from 2005 nostalgia still runs too deep. With all this devastation going on around these times, we might just as well welcome the aliens into another fun. 

This 2020 remake of Destroy All Human, created by Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic, looks sleek with its high-definition revamp that also transforms into smoother targeting and sequential actions. Still set in 1959, there are certainly references to the Cold War, genocidal antics, and general craziness here to stay.

No More Heroes 3

As enjoyable as it was lollygagging as Travis Touchdown in “Travis Strike Again,” nothing is compared to a fresh new Suda51 hack and slash series installment. No More Heroes 3 finally happens after a ten-year hiatus and if Suds is to be believed, it’s bigger, fiercer, and much like the Avengers.

With Earth under invasion from an alien with an unprecedentedly quaint story, there is a possibility for the global-scale action superhero brand. Suda51 will always be at the cutting edge and the hopes for this most recent numbered installment are definitely high. There is no official launch window yet but on the Switch, we are ready for things to get very strange.


Take out the stress inside your body by playing these awesome games mentioned above so you can have the most enjoyable day in your life. As a gamer, playing your favorite games can always be helpful to function your nervous system.