4 Best News Apps to Stay On Top of The Latest News

It’s truly amazing how news is delivered nowadays. Thanks to technology, we can immediately see the current news that is happening all around the world. It has also helped up access to different kinds of information on the internet. They might not all be a reliable piece of information, but we can still learn a thing or two.

Today, many apps help keep us up to date with the latest news. These apps can be downloaded on all of our devices, which gives us access to news wherever we go. Some of these apps are so advanced that it automatically notifies us with urgent news without opening the app. Here are the best news apps that can keep you updated at all times.

BBC News

One of the most popular and most trustworthy sources of news is BBC News. This news app is one of the well-respected news organizations out there that delivers news with an unbiased view. It’s a very dedicated news organization that keeps you updated on the latest news with a reliable source.

Within the app, you will be given access to a curated news section that is based on your preferences. It basically gives you all the latest news from all over the world using the tip of your fingers. The app has a live-streaming channel that you can use. You will also be notified whenever urgent news pops up to keep you up to date on all the latest news.

AP News

If you’re looking for a traditional way of delivering news, Associated Press or AP is the one the best apps that you can download. It gives you the latest news worldwide, and they even have an entire team of reporters that are ready and dedicated to giving you all kinds of news. The app has different categories of news, such as Sports, Entertainment, Tech, and many more.

You are also given an option to read odd topics that you might find interesting. You can also see photo galleries, radio news, and videos to use whatever you find comfortable. If you have specific types of topics you want to be updated on, you can allow the app to notify you whenever something new comes up. This app can be download on both Android and iOs.


You know that a piece of information is reliable when it doesn’t come from one source. Feedly is more than that. They offer a wide variety of stories and news that are sourced from many different places. You can have access to a reader style content via the RSS, which means, you can follow all of their topics to keep you updated every time.

With Feedly, everything is accessible such as blogs, social media accounts, websites, and more. All of the latest topics and trends that you can follow are all available within the app. The app can be downloaded for free, but if you want more features such as a better article search and save content, you can pay the subscription fee of $7 per month.

Google News

Google is reliable in many ways. They have other apps that are useful in certain types of work, but when it comes to delivering trustworthy news, Google News is a great app that you should think about. Google is one of the most widely respected tech giants, and they have worldwide data reach, which means that the sources for their news are really reliable.

In Google News, you can find all of the publications that you want, and you can also subscribe to your favorite source of information. The app also allows you to see the most relevant and latest news for a quick grasp of the information. If you want to know more, you can also look at the full coverage of the news without any curation. You can even download the stories.


News is now at the tip of our fingers and is more accessible thanks to these news apps. Choosing which app is the best is all up to you, whether you like reading the news or watching it. Try one of these apps and see which one gives you the best news.