3 Of The Best Free Online PDF Editors For Quick Edits 

PDF edits come in every shape, way, and form. For most people who need to edit a PDF, a standalone desktop or mobile application should be enough for on-the-go use, but when you don’t have one installed, going on the web will instantly solve the dilemma you have in your hands. After all, PDF edits should be done quickly and professionally, so as to keep the workflow going.

In this article, we’ve collated three of the best online PDF editors anyone can use, access, and edit their PDF documents anywhere, at any time. Web-based, as well as browser-based applications, are perfect for this because they offer convenience and accessibility. With the applications listed here, you won’t have to worry about annotating a PDF file while on transit, or when you’re on vacation or just a way for the weekend.

3 Of The Best Free Online PDF Editors For Quick Edits

PDF Bear

Probably one of the best online PDF editor in the business today, PDF Bear makes editing PDF files a breeze. The web application is easy to use, uploads files fast, and focuses on the major tasks needed for quick PDF editing – signing, commenting, and annotating. It’s both great in desktop and mobile so it’s perfect to use even when you’re without a laptop or a desktop. One of the most powerful features of this online tool is it can turn ppt to pdf, and vice-versa. 

The editor on Split PDF, a part of the suite of applications on PDF Bear, has a lot of powerful modification tools, but unlike other online editors, it does not cramp several toolbars in one line. Instead, major functions are more accessible so that it’s easier for online editing. When you’re working on a smaller screen like smartphones, it’s important for applications, especially web-based ones to adjust to your needs. Sometimes, it can be cumbersome to annotate in smaller screens because of screen real estate alone.

With PDF Bear, this is not a problem at all. In fact, the experience is customized to any screen size so that users have the ability to properly edit documents. If you’re going back and forth with another collaborator, and time is of the essence, precision is key in editing files like PDF ones. With Smallpdf, you’re getting just that.


While most standalone PDF editors are quite complicated to operate, browser-based applications usually cut some corners to create a better experience. Since you are editing online, the three most important things to do is upload, edit, and save. With PDFescape, these fundamental features are the center of the experience.

Uploading files is as easy as 1,2,3, and unlike similar PDF editors, users can at least upload files with sizes of up to 10MB. If you happen to be working with a PDF file that’s heavier than that, you’ll need to get the standalone app. For reference, most PDF files should be less than that limit – that is, if we’re talking about text-only documents.

PDFescape’s editor is one of the few that’s intuitive and powerful enough for quick drawing, commenting, and annotation. There is a selection of tools for quick edits, so you won’t have to worry about having the right fonts or colors. The PDF viewer has a real-time view of edits, so you have a reference for your previous corrections.


If you’re looking for a PDF editor that can perform basic edits effectively and quickly, Sejda is the web-based application you should be checking out. Privacy is at the core of this PDF editor as uploaded files are deleted from the servers after five hours. That means you can edit confidential and sensitive files without worry.

The single menu bar in its editor makes the experience seamless. Once you’ve uploaded the file you want to edit, the editor will let you have a free reign on editing. Word of caution though, it’s not the best platform for heavier files. 


While it is true that web-based PDF editors are better for light and quick touch-ups, if you have the memory to store a dedicated editor on your desktop or smartphone, the better. It won’t hog precious memory, and for high-end smartphones, they can even support feature-rich PDF editors. Check out your options and decide for yourself if you’re better off editing PDF online or getting a dedicated app.