3 Best POS Systems For Small Businesses

The Point of sale system is a vital ingredient these days for any business. A best POS system blends accounting and payroll, customer and inventory management, payment processing, and several other services through very powerful POS software and hardware packages

Square comprises features that are designed specifically for small and modern businesses. Along with being free it is also very easy to install and implement. There are many other square alternatives as well which perform well and satisfy the requirements of the business organizations.

POS systems

  1. Square

Square POS has an upper hand on all the POS is easy and convenient to use, free to start, and the huge number of features. Business organizations who require powerful and simple features then Square is recommended for such business houses. The small business platforms are using POS system and Automated trading system and making their apps as well just to provide better customer experience to their audience.

Square is a very popular POS for mobile businesses such as retail shops, food trucks, etc. For an extra boost to the business, pair the mPOS system to Square POS and feel the change. Square credit card readers are well compatible with Apple devices and Android devices. Customized receipts can be easily created and send through email or even a printout can be taken. The Square point of sale system manages the inventory on a real-time basis through split checks or open tabs, etc.

Square’s point of sale software provides gift card programs, customer loyalty plans, email marketing, managing multiple locations, tracking employee timecards and shifts, send invoices, etc. Transparent transaction fees and zero monthly cost makeSquarethe most favorite among the users. Compared to other POS Square is more expensive. In case a load of payment per day is higher then the transaction cost gets increased.[pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5]

  • Shopify

Shopify is a premier web-based point of sale platform. The customer base has considerably increased due to POS services, Amazon marketplace, eCommerce, etc. The powerful eCommerce combination and integration make this POS a very impressive one. The setting up of Shopify is very easy and highly customizable even to accommodate small and very small business organizations.

Shopify has three plans and also one “Lite” plan for Facebook business. The plans differ according to the monthly transaction fees, payment processing fees, services included, etc.

Shopify has reasonable basic processing and subscription fees. This is one of the robust eCommerce tools and even gives 14 days free trial for the convenience of the start-ups.

Having said that Shopify has very limited reporting features on its basic plans. Also, when the users perform third party payment then extra fees are charged.

  • Revel Systems

This POS system is believed to best one for customer loyalty. This is experienced and observed that with this POS customer relationship management tools the infrequent and passive buyers also turn into loyal customers of the brand. The Revel Systems is most recommended for breweries, coffee shops, quick-service restaurants, bars, etc. The customizable loyalty programs of the POS give an advantage to beverage and food services.

This software is highly customizable and molds according to the business requirements. However, the pricing system is not very transparent.

The Mobile order Taker system is one feature that is created for speeding upfront of house orders. This feature communicates with the stationary devices seamlessly. The customer knowledge increases highly with the features such as Quickbooks, analytic report, and inventory analysis.


There are innumerable POS available in the market and many of them offer the best features. However, Square remains the leader in the race. The affordable and simple POS software and hardware that is offered by POS makes it highly popular amongst all others. The competitive processing fees and the zero cost starter plan are like the icing on the cake.