11 Home Security Tips by Using Smart Home Tools

All of us loves our own home. It is a place that secures us from harm. Sometimes, because we love our home that much, we don’t want to leave it. Moreover, there are maybe times that even when you are at work or at far, you are unease because no one is at home to watch over.

However, because of technology advancement, securing our home is now very easy. In this article, we will help with these 11 home security tips to secure your home with the smart home tools.


  1. Lock Your Door with Smart Lock

Using doorknobs with a key is now not very secure. There are many thieves who knew how to open doors using wires or hairpins. In that tricks, our home in now in danger. But don’t you know that with the smart lock, you may now open the door without a key? With the app that can be installed in your smart phone, opening and locking it is very easy.

  1. Secure Your House with An Arlo

Many years ago, only rich people can afford to buy CCTV to monitor the home or establishment. But now, thank you to technological advancement. Arlo is now available in a minimal price that majority can afford. Moreover, this device automatically zooms in when it detects motion. So, it you are afraid of leaving your home, install a full security by Arlo.

  1. Install Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

One of the reasons why some mothers are afraid to let their children stay at home when they are not around is because of this reason, creating fire is possible. Children really love to play with fire. So, when mom is not around, we’ll it is a chance for them to do the experiment. That is why, the safest way is use a smart smoke & carbon monoxide detector for your home.

However, when you installed a smart home detector, your mind will be at ease even when you are work. When it detects smoke, it automatically sprinkles water to kill fire. Also, some pro version of it able to call emergency hotline right away.

  1. Ring Video Doorbell must on the List

To monitor who is in front of your door, you can check the ring video doorbell. This device allows you to see who is outside without standing from your bed. Or when you are at work, you may now monitor who is there in from of your doorway. In using the ring video doorbell, you may now have the freedom to choose whether to allow someone to enter or not without facing him or her face to face.

  1. Use Two Factors Authentication

Even if we say that smart home devices now offer a great security, many hackers still find ways to open different homes. So that you will be comfortable that your house is really secured, use two factors authentication. In other words, you need to choose two security options before it is Desk booking software performs a task.

Furthermore, this two factors authentication makes sure twice that you are really the one who makes the command.

  1. Use A Secure Wi-Fi

As far as possible, in using a Wi-Fi smart lock for example, you should e using your own Wi-Fi. Avoid using public Wi-Fi because it sometimes leads to hacks.

Moreover, do not share your Wi-Fi to other people most especially to those you don’t know personally.

  1. Rename Your Wi-Fi

It is very important to rename your Wi-Fi so that other people won’t get idea out the brand and model you are using. Always remember that internet connection is the gateway to make your devices at home functional. So that you will be secured totally, aside from renaming it, you may also restart the router once a month.

  1. Use Complicated and Unique Password for Your Wi-Fi

Common hacks happen when you set very easy password for your connection. Avoid 12345 or abcdefg type password. These are the common mistake of home owners that allows hackers to open their house without much effort. In addition, you must make sure that it is a combination of small and capital letters and number.

  1. Remove the Feature You May Not Needed

IoT devices offers services like remote access. So, when you do not need that very much, you can disable it. In doing it, you make your home even secure.

  1. Recheck the Information Gathered by Arlo

It doesn’t mean that you will view the clip from Arlo camera when there are obvious acts happen. Well, you must take time to just randomly watch clips recorder from it. Don’t forget to use a best Arlo battery to get a perfect solution.

  1. Make It A Habit to Check the Setting of Your Tools

Ignorance excuses no one. Since you have a smart home, you need to explore and study the features it offers. Do not settle for one time setting of your device. Always visit the setting of your devices. Make sure that it is set according to how you want it to be.


Imagine how smart home devices can offer. Compare to ordinary giving of security at home, these devices make sure that they give you the maximum security. However, failure to apply these tips may still lead danger. Take advantage with the new technology.