10 Best Wireless Fax Machines in 2020

For users of fax machines, portability is always one of the most burning issues. Regardless, faxing is a very professional way to communicate. But with wires, plugging in, switching on and off there is a lot of manual intervention, which is very off putting.  

But its 2020 and we do not have to compromise anymore with the tangling wires. This is an era of online faxing service. The online faxing services are so prompt and convenient that they have taken over physical fax machines. 

If you ever had the opportunity to fax through Wifi, you would be amazed at how redundant the actual fax machines would seem to you. To serve and promote the purpose of wireless faxing, online faxing services are the best portable fax machines. 

Having stated that, below are the 10 best wireless fax machines in 2020: 

  1. CocoFax: Best Online Wireless Faxing Service

CocoFax is undoubtedly the best in wireless faxing. There is a lot of competition in the field, but CocoFax is a leader through and through. Whether it’s the interface, the ease and convenience or the free functions offered by CocoFax, it is the best alternative.

No hassles of wires or connections. All you need is to just opt for CocoFax subscription and you can witness all your worries dissolve in thin air. By something as invisible as your wifi and as remote as your phone, you can fax from anywhere in the world.

Assists in Remote Working

2020 has not been a fairly convenient year. There were lockdowns, the commute and even access to office infrastructure was heavily compromised. In such scenarios, business communication was seriously jeopardized as people were dependent upon the infrastructure at their office.

CocoFax solves this purpose as through your internet, you can use your desktop, laptop and phones to send out a fax. This also prepares and safeguards your business from any emergent situations. Offering flexibility to your employees and continuity of office functions, CocoFax just saves a lot of money and time.

100+ Fax Cover Sheets

In addition to being a totally wireless way to fax effectively, CocoFax is also an elixir of fax cover sheets. Those who are regular at sending faxes would be aware of the power and potential of fax cover sheets for good presentation.

CocoFax offers not one, not two but over a 100+ fax cover sheets to choose from to fax efficiently. The cover sheets are downloadable and adaptable to whatever format of documentation you are sending.

30 Day Free Trial

Most applications just offer a free demo to make you privy and develop an understanding of the application. CocoFax is different. It offers a 30 day free trial which is a good enough period to know your compatibility with the application. 

Free Fax Number

What is any faxing service without a fax number? Application for a fax number and attaining it is another dilatory task. With CocoFax, you get the fax number absolutely free. This fax number becomes your fax identity.

Wireless Fax through Multiple Platforms

The alternatives of faxing devices are another added advantage with CocoFax. You can fax not only from your desktop, but also your laptop and every other platform that is internet compatible. 

Friendly Interface

The interface of CocoFax is immensely friendly. Even first timers with technology can become professionals at faxing. The design, structure and even the tabs are lined out in a very convenient manner. 

You would just know what to do and how to do it with CocoFax. Speaking from a personal experience, you wouldn’t need any hand holding or instructions. CocoFax is very simple, very convenient and very popular amongst fax enthusiasts. 

2. PC-Fax.com

PC-Fax.com is also a decent faxing alternative when it comes to jotting down the best wireless fax machines. The application is popular with people who use fax documents. It has an array of corporate users who trust the application with its services. 

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is also a good alternative to online faxing applications. It also limits the dependency on actual fax machines. The application is remotely accessible and adds to flexibility in business communication.

4. MetroFax

Metrofax is also a reliable fax service provider. It has many virtual faxing functions that make it distinct as an online faxing service. The application has been able to establish an array of online fax service users.

5. FaxBurner

FaxBurner is very well suited for online faxing service. It caters to distinct customer requirements for fax documents. It also possesses all decent functions that are expected out of an online fax service provider.

6. MyFax

MyFax is also a very reliable platform that is used by subscribers to send and receive faxes online. The application offers wireless faxing service. It lessens the reliance upon physical fax machines.

7. PamFax

PamFax is also an online faxing solution. Be it national or international faxes, the platform allows immediate fax transfers in a wireless manner. It has a worldwide coverage just like other online faxing apps. 

8. SR Fax

SR Fax is a good alternative to send faxes online. It is a good electronic faxing solution that allows email to fax. The application also allows all major functions that most web faxing applications tend to provide. 

9. Faxage

Faxage is also a leading online fax service provider that has a good wireless faxing repute. It is also recommended for having a platform that is reliable and convenient to use. The application offers a good enough interface and decent plans. 

10. FaxBetter

FaxBetter is also a remote faxing set up. It is a good online fax service if you want to resort to a wireless way of faxing. The application has a reach far and wide and ensures that it offers functional convenience to its users.


Despite a stern competition, you will definitely be in a better state when you opt for CocoFax. The application has won over the hearts of fax users through its extreme ease from sending domestic or international faxes. 

The application will definitely be the best sought alternative to fax through WiFi. It is extremely reliable and economical. The perks and advantages that you attain by subscribing to CocoFax are incomparable.